Case studies


The following story is a sample case study, one of many we would like to share with you:


This huge distribution company is a well-recognized brand name in top-quality kitchen utensils, which chose to use Oracle WMS for inbound & replenishment purposes. This project was already running when we were called to supplement their team. It included defining the processes & parameters to facilitate receipt & putaway, plus replenishment of pick facings, as well as interfaces to/from their legacy order fulfillment system.

This Client had a 500,000-square foot, high-bay storage facility, handling dozens of truckloads of product in and out per day, in TL, LTL, and parcel quantities.

Their network included sites of over a million square feet each handling full truckload and other mixed shipments, as well as smaller facilities to handle mostly-parcel requirements.

We subcontracted this work from a very large System Integrator, who handled the bulk of ERP implementation, allowing us to focus on Supply Chain work.

Mod43 not only addressed their WMS setup requirements, we also assisted with integration of this system to their legacy order fulfillment system. In addition, we developed a custom replenishment system to address their dynamic environment & prioritize high-urgency demand. Their smooth cutover was a tribute to their preparation & determination.

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