About Us

Mod43 is a leading implementer of enterprise mobile applications & solutions for the mobile workforce, specializing in the Supply Chain arena. Mod43’s consulting services practice focuses on Logistics & Mobile Field solutions including WMS, MSCA, Transportation, & Field Service. Mod43 provides full life cycle support (analysis & design through implementation) with all required components- implementation & extension services, software, & hardware, as appropriate- available from the same source.

Regarding Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA), Mod43 is your single source for implementation support, with experience in over 100 WMS and MSCA Implementations. Our team members specializing in this area, many of whom spent years at Oracle, have deep experience working with these products since their first release to their most current versions in Release 12. In addition to working with these Oracle eBusiness Suite applications, we deliver full integration with barcode printing and handheld/stationary RF and RFID scanning, plus scale & carousel integrations for the warehouse environment- a one-stop shop for warehouse management solutions. Our portfolio of services includes process streamlining, all aspects of system setup (including WMS rule development), configuration of popular label printing packages & printers for barcode labels, stationary or mobile RF and RFID equipment setup, development of custom mobile extensions, & tailored training. We can also offer you selected software to speed implementation- such as label software from several different partner vendors- or make ongoing use more efficient- such as Blue Marble/WMS Dashboard.

In general terms, our team begins with analysis of the situation & design of a solution for your specific company needs, whether for initial implementation of a solution or last-minute “rescue,” in case a current project isn’t going as planned. We provide the level of support you wish along the way, and work closely with your team members to transfer knowledge so they can support the solution after completion of the project. For services we do not have on staff, we rely on a network of preferred partners, or can work with whomever you specify to complete the solution.

Mod43 Inc. was founded in Canton, Michigan in 2005 by John McKeehan and Quinton Ritz. The company had previously been operating as JQCorp LLC.  Our team contains the best talent in the field for implementing Oracle WMS.